Friday, August 10, 2012

Not your average Mini

Eric, the owner, as he describes his 2005 Mini Cooper S. Eric, who has just recently moved from Michigan to the Midwest, Kansas to be more specific, is used to seeing the older crowd flock more toward the Mini brand and sadly “not mod them much” in his words. Eric says when he is around other Mini owners it is for sure a different ball game compared to most and a decent head turner also. Eric's Mini S is currently sporting KW v1 coilovers along with some very tasteful and well fitted cast Rotiform BLQ's that are 17x8 +30. Eric also has small, but not be to overlooked modifications under the hood rocking a cold air intake and a full exhaust system along with a few more under the hood mods. Not to fear, Eric let me know that the car will not be staying the same for long, and to look out for some slight interior changes and maybe even a new set of Rotiforms' or the famous Corvette “salad shooters” to be seen soon. As for the interior I was told he would like to re-wrap all pillars and headliner. Do not expect to stop seeing this car anytime soon, Eric has even bigger plans up his sleeve and we can't wait to find out what will happen with this unforgettable Cooper S in the time being. Eric, also member of Lower Class hailing out of Kansas, said “All I am doing, is doing what I love, and trying my best to put the Midwest on the map at the same time.” and we sure think he's got that covered. We can't wait to see what he does next, so make sure and stay tuned!

Photo: Jeremy Krubsack
Words: Jeremy Krubsack

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