Sunday, July 1, 2012

Ian's G

With the posting of these pictures I can say that this beautiful G35 you see before you has already begun the move on to the next stage of its life. When my good friend Ian first got this car he was already familiar with the car scene and wasn't a stranger to fitment. His first car was a lightly modified 9th gen Si with a modest drop, but one day he decided the time had come to upgrade. Selling the Si allowed him to drop into a completely stock G35 coupe that sure as hell didn't stay that way for long. He promptly purchased a set of BC Racing coilovers and rolled around dumped and sunk on stockies until he found exactly what he was looking for... a set of BMW Style 95's. Putting things lightly, there were a few issues with the purchase of the first set, and he ended up having to buy a total of 6 wheels before he got what he needed. The fronts came in at 19x9 and the rears at 19x10, +3 all around after the 25mm adapters. Other light modifications that include a roof spoiler, front lip, and Megan Racing exhaust round the car together in a neat package. Ian has since sold the Style 95's and has his next set of wheels in his possession, but they aren't ready to go on the car quite yet. All I can say is they're a name we all know and love, 3-piece construction, and currently being rebuilt to be quite an aggressive set. Don't be surprised if you see this beautiful car on your screens soon with its new setup!